1 billion XRP sent from Bitstamp to Bitgo wallets

1 billion XRP moved from Bitstamp to Bitgo

Extreme amounts of XRP have been sent from Bitstamp to Bitgo wallets since the collaboration of the two crypto companies.

1 billion XRP to Bitgo wallets

The Whale Alert Twitter account recently noticed two huge transfers. These were transactions of 200 million XRP tokens each. But this was not all. More large transactions follow. A total of 1 billion XRP tokens have been moved.

The enormous amount of tokens were sent to various unknown wallets within half an hour from Bitstamp. Whale alert noticed the following XRP transactions:

After the above 400 million XRP tokens were moved, another 4 huge transactions of 200 million, 200 million, 50 million and 150 million XRP followed.

The huge transactions did not go unnoticed and it caused much discussion among the crypto community. Because of the discussion under the post, there was a reaction from Bitstamp. A link herein refers to a recent announcement. It states that Bitgo is now used as a secure crypto storage for Bitstamp. The crypto community appreciated Bitstamp’s comment.

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